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Gourmet Loose Leaf Tea in a Better Brewing System

Our Tea Brew Better


Bruetta™ is a simple brewing system combined with gourmet loose leaf teas. Simply put the tea in the cup and add hot water. More flavor, even on the go!

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Office, Home, On the Go

The Bruetta™ tea brewing system works anywhere there is access to hot water. Whether in a dorm room, hotel or out camping, the Bruetta™ system is the perfect way to enjoy quality teas on the go.

Where It Works

Gourmet Loose Leaf Teas

Our specialty teas are carefully selected by master blenders for excellent taste and are tested for consistent performance with the Bruetta™ brewing system.

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Best tea I've ever had... Bruetta > Teavana hands down!

Tea Quality is by far the best I've had & I've been drinking tea since my parents started giving it to me as a kid. The lid is Genius!! I can't drink the typical Lipton or Tazo tea bag tea since Bruetta!

Laurel Cleveland Manager of Real Estate, Select Medical

Minimize Sloshing with the Brulid!

In addition to helping your tea stay warmer longer, the BruLid™ drastically reduces spills caused by sloshing. See this video comparing conventional lids to the BruLid™.

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Looking for a new business opportunity?
Learn about franchising with Bruetta!

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