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Why is Bruetta a better brewing system then tea from bags, single-serve machines, or bottles?

Bruetta is simple.
Bruetta is a new brewing system for loose leaf tea. Our BruLid filters as you drink, so leaves stay in the cup whole. See how it works.

Bruetta tastes better. Loose leaf tea that is allowed to fully extract tastes naturally good, more robust and full of flavor. Especially our teas, which are sourced from around the world.

Bruetta is more convenient. Our integrated filter makes great taste more convenient than it has ever been. Simply add tea, hot water, stir, and go! See how it works.

Bruetta requires almost no overhead. This can simplify existing operations and makes it possible to offer tea (and better-tasting tea) in a variety of new scenarios where overhead is an issue.

  • No need for teapots or infusers.
  • No machine to maintain.
  • No large batches go to waste.
  • No bag to deal with before or after.
  • Just great tea, hot water, cup, and lid.

Bruetta is flexible. Bruetta makes it easy to mix flavors and you control strength by the amount you use, along with temperature and time. So you may have to experiment with a cup or two but very soon you will know how to make your perfect cup and invent your perfect formulations or "signature house blends." But it is a new brewing system so you may need to experiment just a little.  Here are some tips.

Bruetta makes iced tea too!

Bruetta costs less. Because the tea stays in the cup, it extracts fully, which means you use less tea per cup. Bruetta teas have been formulated so that 1-2 BruSpoons is generally all you need, which is roughly ½ to ¾ of what you would use with other brewing systems.

These savings are further amplified with Bruetta when re-steeping.

Bruetta yields more health benefits.  The whole leaf retains nearly all of the healthy antioxidants and enzymes that make tea so healthy whereas these healthy components in teas from bags, single-serve machines, and bottles have been processed out, along with the taste.

Because there is so much less taste to tea brewed via those other methods, people tend to add things like milk and sweeteners... but milk binds to the antioxidants so they are no longer free to remove free radicals from your body and many sweeteners are generally unhealthy.

People will drink more tea if it tastes better and is more convenient. Therefore:

  • They will get more of those healthy plant compounds with the healthy benefits
  • They will likely drink less of unhealthy sodas and other sweetened beverages
  • Developing this great tasting healthy alternative as a daily habit can serve as a daily reminder to make other healthy choices

Bruetta is less messy.  Oh! We almost forgot to mention: a wonderful side-benefit of our BruLid’s integrated filter is less messy sloshing while in motion.


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