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Troubleshooting / FAQ

​Bruetta is a new brewing system. Your controls for this brewing system are amount and heat.

Our system works wonderfully but may require a bit more precision than you are used to.

Bitter Taste!

You are using too much tea or the water is too hot.

Bruetta DOES work when used according to instructions (1-2 BruSpoons) it will not get over-bitter.
(At least not for hours.)

  • Don't use mounded heaps to start with. Our teas are blended so that just 1-2 evenly-topped BruSpoons is generally right for hot tea (2-3 for iced) but you can further adjust to taste with more or less from there.
  • Start on the low side for Black Tea and even lower for Green Tea. More Herbal Tea is generally fine.
  • Your water may be hotter than the recommended 175-190 degrees. Try waiting 30 seconds from a boil and/or pouring the hot water into an intermediary cup, then into the cup with your tea. Try doing that twice for green tea.
  • If you are making iced tea, you can also put the ice in sooner. 

Weak, Watery Taste

Most likely your water source is not hot enough, or you may need to use more tea.  Be sure to stir or swirl the cup and wait the full recommended duration of steep time.

  • Though most water cooler hot spouts are hot enough, some are not, or at least not right after someone else has used the hot water. Consider getting an electric tea kettle. Most are very affordable and the better ones have specific temperature settings for various types of tea. 
  • Be sure to stir or swirl the cup so the flavor isn't stratified and resting on the bottom.  

Bad or Unexpected Taste

The problem may be your water source.

  • Good water is critical for good tea, but this key factor is often overlooked. Fortunately, this is easy to test: try a different water source, such as bottled water.
  • A filter might help and a water service definitely will. Filter companies can test your water to recommend the right type of filter. 
  • Start with fresh water from the cold tapHot water heaters can effect flavor and water that has been sitting for hours or previously boiled much of the oxygen a good cup of tee requires. But this point is for the connoisseur... most of us will not notice this. 
  • Other factors: some tap water is made alkaline to prevent pipe corrosion but the optimum PH for tea is 5 (slightly acidic.) Soft water contains less chemicals and minerals the soft water. A salty taste, bleach smells, or sulfur smells are signs of bad water.

Can I Mix Flavors?

Yes, Absolutely! That's one of the advantages of the Bruetta system. Just remember to not add more than the recommended amount in total to start with, especially Green or Black teas, though you should be fine to exceed the 1-2 Bru-Spoons when mixing in Herbal. 

Can I Re-Steep?

Yes, Absolutely! We don't recommend reusing the lid over multiple days unless sanitized, but other than that, yes! Re-steeping is another advantage of the Bruetta brewing system! 

My Filter Fell Out

Apologies. This is rare but it does occasionally happen, particularly if you are reusing it and rinsing it out. When removing/rinsing the filter, be sure to give it a good poke when reinserting it, particularly along the edges. You can let us know if it happens often under normal one-time use but it shouldn't be a problem. 

Uneven Use of Cups vs. Lids

If you routinely end up with more cups than lids or vise versa, order cups and lids separately rather than as a "kit."

  • Bruetta makes it easy to re-steep, and sometimes the way people choose to reuse either their cups or lids can cause you to run out of one or the other too soon.
  • If this is a consistent problem, try one of our “You Choose the Sleeves” products for a custom assortment. These come in 6 Sleeve or 12 Sleeve boxes.

Is Bruetta "Green?"

The materials in our cups and lids (minus the filter) are standard for to-go coffee cups, so you can treat them as you are doing for those now. 

  • check
    Bruetta cups ARE recyclable and compostable in facilities that can process paper cups with Polyethylene liners. 
  • check
    Bruetta lids with the filter removed ARE recyclable in facilities that can process Polystyrene. 
  • Bruetta filters ARE recyclable, but not through common collection streams. Email us for help determining the right local resource or treat as trash.

To know for sure what your local service accepts, check with your local waste management services.

Still have questions?

What does this mean for me? Why not a yes or no answer?

What is the big picture answer? What is Bruetta's stance on the environment?

We are also working on a reusable version of our mug, but it takes time. Look for our stainless steel travel mug version 2nd or 3rd quarter of 2018.  

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