Tea Can Help You Lose Weight

Burn More, Consume Less

The basic formula for weight loss is not a mystery:  Make good dietary choices and, generally burn more calories than you consume.

The primary mechanism by which drinking tea can help you lose weight is as a naturally sweet alternative to less healthy beverages.

This is where Bruetta’s unique brewing method really shines. Our BruLid makes loose leaf tea more convenient than ever, which makes you, your family, your customers, and your employees (even some of the ones that typically don’t like traditional tea) more likely to choose this healthy alternative over soft drinks and the like because it actually tastes good.

As with any caffeinated beverage, there are also some minor positive effects from stimulating the metabolism and decreasing hunger.

And drinking tea before meals can make filling the stomach with water much more pleasurable.

Possible Extra Benefits

Beyond that, there is some scientific evidence of other effects beneficial to weight loss but it is important to note that they are all very minor contributors compared to drinking/eating fewer calories. Most studies used green tea extract so, even once the effects are proven, they are likely to be subtle because the components that cause them are much less concentrated when drinking steeped tea.

This is worth noting because there are some weight loss teas advertised online that make false claims and include unsafe additives. We repeat: there is no magic bullet. Choose healthy sources of nutrition, and generally try to burn more calories than you consume.

Everyone is different, so you may want to consult a professional nutritionist to refine your approach if the basics don’t seem to be working.

That said, here are some of the additional benefits to weight loss implied by recent scientific research:

  • A study of mice showed that even with the stimulating effects of caffeine removed, green tea coupled with exercise definitively showed more improvement than either of those alone.”The changes in body weight and body fat may result from increased fat metabolism and decreased fat synthesis. Green tea seems to modulate genes related to energy metabolism.”
  • The science behind the meme that green tea may help lose weight revolves around green tea extract used in conjunction with another substance which together limit glucose absorption. Here is an article, full of terms like “gallated catechins” to explain this further.

Common Sense

You’ve probably heard most of these but here are some general common sense weight loss tips:

  • Change habits and desires rather than focusing on temporary diet strategies
  • Move more. Develop an exercise strategy, of course, but also park further away, take the stairs, etc.
  • Drink water before meals and chew slowly
  • Count your calories. (But not obsessively.)  Try keeping a meal/snack/beverage diary.
  • Use small plates, spoons, glasses, etc.
  • Read the labels. (Even “health foods” can still be high in sugar.)
  • Reduce carbs, and include the natural fibers in the carbs you do consume
  • Eat more vegetables, greens, and whole fruits.
  • Shop on the outside of the grocery store, where the less processed foods reside
  • Make time for good sleep

Here are more weight loss tips that are evidence-based.