New: Bruetta REUSABLE Plastic Cup

We are thrilled to be part way to our goal of offering reusable versions of the Bruetta brewing system!

 This is a reusable cup for use with our disposable lids, so it is only the first step towards a fully reusable version, but it is a significant step and it works great.

This is a 16oz black, BPA-free plastic reusable cup for use with our disposable Bru-Lids and it serves two functions:

  1. It is a placeholder for the completely reusable stainless steel travel mug with a reusable plastic lid we are designing (expected 2nd quarter 2018.)
  2. It may be a step toward greater sustainability for certain scenarios like hospitals or school cafeterias where the expense of an intricate reusable lid would be prohibitive but there are dishwashing facilities.



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