At the Office

Bruetta is the perfect complement to your office beverage offerings. Now tea drinkers, clients, employees, and guests can enjoy specialty loose leaf tea in an office and workplace environment without sacrificing convenience or quality. Great taste also translates to fewer reasons for employees to go off campus.  All you need is hot water and the Bruetta system! Tea drinkers will be amazed at the quality of your loose leaf tea, and the innovative BruLid will minimize spills and stains because the filter is in the lid! Bruetta combines the convenience of portability and the quality of loose leaf tea, creating a specialty tea beverage experience.

At Home

Grab a cup of tea to-go with the Bruetta tea brewing system. When you are running out the door, you simply put Bruetta loose leaf tea in the cup, add hot water, snap on the lid, and you are on your way. There’s no bag to dispose of, no string to wick tea onto your car, and no need to deal with a stopper.  The tea brews right in your cup and the filter in the lid reduces sloshing! BruLid keeps the leaves in your cup, not in your mouth. Enjoy high-quality beverages at home, or leaving home, with the convenience of the anti-sloshing BruLid and the quality of our great tasting loose leaf tea.

On the Go

Bumps and sloshing abound on the road and in the office… crowded elevators, hallways, break rooms, road potholes, subways, metro, and rush hour morning commutes can all lead to messes. Bruetta allows you to easily take your specialty loose leaf tea beverage experience on the go. Now, with your busy life, you don’t have to sacrifice convenience, quality or your carpet! You, your customers, your employees, and your janitors will all enjoy the anti-sloshing features of the BruLid that minimizes sloshing and spills.


The Bruetta tea brewing system works anywhere there is access to hot water. Whether in a dorm room, hotel or out camping, the Bruetta system is the perfect way to enjoy quality teas on the go. In addition to the anti-sloshing feature, the Bruetta system also helps hot beverages stay warmer longer, and enables you to customize your tea strength level per cup.