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Loose leaf tea has never been this easy. 

Bruetta™ is a new brewing system that gives you gourmet loose leaf tea in an instant.

There’s a filter in the lid. It filters as you drink.

Tea leaves stay in the cup!


BruLid™ Is the next big thing in tea.

  • Make top-quality loose leaf tea in an instant
  • No bags or infusers to deal with
  • Minimum possible overhead (just cups, lids, hot water, tea)
  • It saves you money by fully extracting the flavor, so you use less tea per cup
  • Factor that savings over multiple steeps 
  • Works for both hot and iced tea
  • Less sloshing and spills
  • Simple to experiment by combining tea types 
  • Easy for individuals to customize strength and taste

If tea is too strong or becomes bitter, simply use less and/or a lower temperature.  By experimenting with amount and temperature you will very quickly find what makes your perfect cup.

Use an even BruSpoon rather than a mounded one to start with, then adjust to taste from there. (Start with 2-3 even BruSpoons for iced tea.)

Bruetta teas are very forgiving using the recommended instructions on each label. Other teas may be more sensitive to these variables.



16 oz. =  1-2 BruSpoons*


16 oz. =  2-3 BruSpoons*


175-190 degrees (roughly)

* The BruSpoon is our proprietary measuring spoon, free with 1st order.
* Adjust amounts to taste.
* If you’re on the high side of tea amount, start with the low side of seep time. So, for example, if you’re in a hurry for iced tea, you could try 3 or 4 scoops with just 1 minute steep time.

Don’t know the exact temperature? Just experiment with a cup or two. As long as your water source is hot enough to make tea of any sort, you can use the Bruetta brewing system.

Bruetta is very flexible, but in general, you want hotter water for black teas and slightly cooler water for green tea. For both types, the hotter you brew, the darker and more robust your tea will be. Use slightly cooler water for a slightly sweeter and milder taste.

More tips on our Troubleshooting/FAQ page. 

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