Brew Better

Loose leaf tea has never been this easy.

Bruetta™ gives you gourmet flavor in an instant.

There’s a filter in the lid. It filters as you drink.


BruLid is a New and Better Brewing Method

Compare Old vs. New:

Old New

There's no going back once you've tried it.

Why Bruetta Is Better


BruLid filters as you drink...

Tea leaves float freely in the cup.

No infusers or messy bags!


  1. Put tea in the cup
  2. Add hot water
  3. Snap on BruLid


That's it.


Gourmet Taste... To-Go!

Now the great taste of loose leaf tea is easier then ever. 

And because the tea leaves float freely in the cup they are able to fully extract. 

Low Overhead.

All you need is hot water. 

No tea pots, large batches, or machines to maintain. 


It is easy to 

  • Mix flavors
  • Customize strength

Makes Iced Tea Too!

  1. Add tea to cup.
  2. Fill HALF-way with hot water
  3. Wait 1 1/2-3 minutes
  4. Fill with ice.

A Healthy Choice

Loose leaf tea is a naturally sweet and filled with antioxidants. 

People will drink more tea if it tastes better and is more convenient.

Costs Less Per Cup

Your tea fully extracts because it stays in the cup, so you use less tea per cup.

Less Mess!

The filter also reduces messy sloshing while in motion.

The next big thing in tea.

  • Top-quality loose leaf tea in an instant
  • No bags or infusers to deal with
    Minimum possible overhead (just cups, lids, hot water, tea)
  • It saves you money by fully extracting the flavor, so you use less tea per cup
  • Factor that savings over multiple steeps
  • Works for both hot and iced tea
  • Less sloshing and spills
  • Simple to experiment by combining tea types
  • Easy for individuals to customize strength and taste

How It Works

Hot Tea

16 oz. = 1-2 BruSpoons*

Water Temp: 175-190 degrees (roughly)

Iced Tea

If tea is too strong or becomes bitter, simply use less and/or a lower temperature. By experimenting with amount and temperature you will very quickly find what makes your perfect cup.

Use an level BruSpoon rather than a mounded one to start with, then adjust to taste from there. (Start with 2-3 even BruSpoons for iced tea.)

* The BruSpoon is our proprietary measuring spoon, free with 1st order.

* Adjust amounts to taste.

Where It Works

BruLid Also Minimizes Messy Sloshing!

BruLid's integrated filter reduces spills caused by sloshing! See this video comparing conventional lids to the BruLid.

Reusable Versions

We have a BPA-free reusable plastic cup, available now for use with our disposable lids.

We also have reusable travel mug in the works for late 2019! It is a stainless steel tumbler with plastic BruLid.

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